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IGG-ICube, University of Strasbourg

IGG (Computer Graphics and Geometry Group) is part of the ICube research laboratory of the University of Strasbourg and CNRS (UMR 7357). During the past years, the group was involved in the development of tools facilitating the creation of graphical 3D contents using real-world data and examples. Texture synthesis and object appearance reconstruction from multiple photographs have been extensively studied.
The IGG team has hosted the Eurographics conference in 2014, which is one of the three major conferences of the field. J.M. Dischler is vice-director of the IGG team, Eurographics fellow and coordinator of this project.

Involved people: Jean-Michel Dischler, professor, scientific leader of the project, Rémi Allègre, assistant professor, Basile Sauvage, assistant professor, Frédéric Larue, engineer.

SIR-XLIM, University of Limoges

XLIM is a Research Institute jointly held by the University of Limoges and CNRS (UMR 7252). The Realistic Image Synthesis team (SIR / DMI) focuses on realistic rendering techniques for computer graphics. Real-time rendering, animation and visualization are thus investigated, by mainly focusing on synthesis, modeling and illumination of 3D textures, material-based models, texture generation and aging simulation. Physical models are the core of these studies.

Involved people: Stéphane Mérillou, professor, Guillaume Gilet, assistant professor, Nicolas Mérillou, assistant professor.

GEOMOD-LIRIS, University of Lyon

GEOMOD is a Computer Graphics team in the LIRIS research laboratory of the University of Lyon and CNRS (UMR 5205) that brings its expertise in geometric modeling and procedural content generation. One of the specificity of the team is its recent research on generating very small details in huge virtual scenes.
GEOMOD provides the Arches platform which is a framework for instanced object modeling and visualization specifically developed for procedural generation of huge virtual worlds.

Involved people: Eric Galin, professor, Adrien Peytavie, assistant professor, Eric Guérin, assistant professor.